Social Sciences

Social Science Major

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science appear in section 3 of the Academic Rules and Regulations


Social science majors must take 10 courses within the domain. Social science majors may currently complete requirements with tracks in the following academic disciplines:

Methodology Courses

Students must take all methodology courses required for their courses, thesis, and major: 

  • Major: UCACCMET12 Research in Practice, plus 7,5 credits at level 2 (see options below specified per field of study)
  • Courses: If applicable, methods requirements are stated in individual course outlines under the heading ‘prerequisites’.
  • Thesis: Each Social Science thesis requires a level 2 methodology course (see below). Contact the fellow about exceptions. E.g. if a student with an interdomain major has already taken the SCI methodology course UCACCSTA21, discuss if it can replace the courses below, and ask the exam board for approval.

The methodology course options  for each field of studies are:

  • Anthropology: UCACCMET23 + module 2D, or UCACCMET25 + module 2D, or UCACCMET24
  • Economics: UCACCMET22 or UCACCMET23
  • Psychology: UCACCMET22 or UCACCMET23
  • Geography: UCACCMET22 or UCACCMET23 or UCACCMET24
  • Law: UCACCMET23 + module 2D or UCACCMET24 or UCACCMET25 or UCACCMET26
  • Political Science: UCACCMET22 or UCACCMET23 or UCACCMET24 or UCACCMET25 or UCACCMET26
  • Sociology: UCACCMET22 or UCACCMET23 or UCACCMET24


It is also possible to do a minor in Methods & Statistics (MET).

Rhoda Woets


Charmaine Ramos

Economics (track coordinator)

Dea van Lierop


Diana Odier-Contreras Garduño


Kirsten Namesnik

Methods & Statistics

Guus de Krom


Gamze Avci

Political Science

Robert Renes


Marco van Leeuwen