Several academic programmes at University College Utrecht incorporate a semester of studying abroad at another university. Read more about these programmes below.

China Studies is a special way to enrich your curriculum. Students take the course Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture, after which a semester at a top university in China (Tsinghua University in Beijing, University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, XJTLU in Suzhou, or CLI in Guilin) follows. This semester consists of intensive Chinese language coursework, and English-taught classes in Chinese economics, history, culture and politics. Back at UCU Chinese language and culture courses complete the program.

A completed program counts as a track or minor towards your curriculum, and can also fulfill the foreign language (& culture) requirement.

More information can be found on the dedicated China Studies page.

The European Liberal Arts Network (ELAN) is an innovative and strategic educational network designed to promote and develop a Liberal Arts approach to tertiary education. ELAN brings together eleven European universities with experience in Liberal Arts and/or a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and teaching in the Humanities. The ELAN certificate is the chief instrument by which the Network promotes and disseminates the ideals of a Liberal Arts education. A requirement for obtaining the ELAN certificate is to have a minimum of 15 ECTS completed at an ELAN partner university. 

You can read more information about ELAN, how to obtain the ELAN certificate, and ELAN partner universities on the ELAN page.

This program gives UCU students in their final year an opportunity to apply research skills to a bachelor thesis project involving field research in Aruba, in collaboration with students from the University of Aruba (UA). The program is appropriate for students interested in doing research with meaning for the Aruban community in a range of research areas. 

More information can be found here.

The Transnational Law Program is aimed at training students in different national legal systems. UCU offers this program in close cooperation with the Washington University School of Law in Saint Louis (WUSOL), Missouri, US. As a TLP student you enroll in the Social Science major at UCU, taking a set number of law courses. In the third year you go on exchange to WASOL for a semester. By taking law courses at both UCU and WUSOL, TLP students acquire their legal skills and knowledge within the context of the two major longstanding legal traditions of civil law and common law, each in its natural environment. After completion of the program you have access to the Masters in Law (LLM) programs at Utrecht University and WUSOL.

Note: TLP is not aimed at becoming a practicing bar lawyer either in the US or in the Netherlands. Students who pursue a career as a barrister, solicitor or in the judiciary will need additional legal training.

More information can be found on the dedicated Transnational Law Program page.