Dining Hall


Maupertuusplein 1, 3584 EE Utrecht, The Netherlands

Different opening hours outside of the semesters and on holidays.

Opening hours: 

Currently closed during the weekend.

In this building: 

  • Facility Services


University College Utrecht offers kitchen facilities in all student units on campus, where students will be able to cook their own meals, but students can also choose to eat in Dining Hall, housing the Dining Hall Sodexo Restaurant and Jazzman's café. Students can go to the Dining Hall Sodexo Restaurant for dinner, while Jazzman's café offers coffee, teas, lunch options and snacks. Vegetarian options are always on the menu, and most dietary requirements can be catered for. Please enquire if you have special dietary needs.

The Dining Hall Restaurant also organizes special celebrations, themed meals, and other events throughout the year.

Opening Hours

For opening hours of the restaurant please go to uu.sodexoeducation.nl. Here you will also find information on the offer.

Meal Plan

Sodexo offers a Meal Plan, through which credit for the Dining Hall Sodexo Restaurant and Jazzman's Café can be bought up front. The meal plan offers the following advantages:

  • Easy budgeting! Students can pay for their food right at the beginning of the year, or at the beginning of the semester (depending on the meal plan you choose to buy). This leaves a better overview of your remaining funds available for other living costs.
  • Deals! Students with a meal plan get a reduction on the food prices (the discount depending on the meal plan you select).
  • Flexibility! There are six different meal plans -  Small, Medium and Large meal plans are each available for both ‘semester’ and ‘academic year’ timescales, so plenty of flexibility to suit your preferences!
  • Community! More students meeting and eating together in Dining Hall again is good for our community! Dining Hall can resume its function as a great social hub for campus life.
  • Whichever meal plan you choose to buy, it can be spent on any drinks and dishes in both Jazzman’s as well as the self-service restaurant.

Information on the meal plan is provided on the Meal Plan website.

Should you have any questions on the meal plan arrangements, please get in touch with the caterer: MealplanUCU.NL@sodexo.com.