Welcome to the page of the University College Utrecht Council. Here you can find out who we are and what we do as Council. If you have any questions about the Council's functioning, or suggestions or remarks about the page itself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The members of the UCU Council in the academic year 2020-2021 are as follows:  

  • Bas Defize (Chair)
  • Diana Odier-Contreras
  • Floris van der Burg
  • Markha Valenta
  • Janneke Boonstra (Vice-Chair) 
  • Valentina Esconjauregui 
  • Gina Meimann 
  • Tamar Goudsmit 

The UCU Council is the body that monitors the interests of the College, the students and the staff of University College Utrecht. At UCU the Council combines the duties of two different consultative bodies: the Faculty Council (in Dutch Faculteitsraad) and the Degree program advisory committee (in Dutch Opleidingscommissie).

The Faculty Council is the employees’ and students' consultative body for staff and students of the faculty. The Faculty Council is authorized to consult with the Dean about all faculty-related matters. The degree program advisory committee monitors the quality of education, discusses possible issues within the curriculum, and gives advice about the development and implementation of educational policy at UCU.

The UCU Council can make proposals, give advice, and make its position known to the Office of the Dean on all matters concerning UCU. More specifically, some of the main duties of the Council are:

  • To give consent to the Office of the Dean on every decision on or change in matters such as the strategic plan, academic rules and regulations, policy and practical execution of the quality control at UCU and the part of the student-statutes that are relevant to UCU (known as the academic rules and regulations).
  • To advise the Office of the Dean in matters concerning the estimation of UCU’s budget and expenditure thereof, (student) facilities, (future) state of affairs, and all other elements of education on which the Council does not need to give consent.

Furthermore, the staff members of the Council will advise and give consent to the Office of the Dean in matters concerning the way in which labour conditions are realized; the way in which the general personnel policies at UCU are arranged and carried out; the safety, health, and well-being of employees in connection with work within UCU; (re)organization within UCU and the technical and economic carrying out of duties within UCU.

Moreover, the Council will guard UCU against any form of discrimination and actively promote the equal treatment of men and women, minorities and the disabled.

The Council consists of eight representatives from the various groups that populate the College: four faculty and staff members, and four students. These four students, together with the Student Assessor and Board of Studies Academic Affairs Officer of the UCSC, form the University College Student Council, UCSC. 

All UCU Council staff members are elected by and from the staff and faculty and the student members by the student body. Students are elected to the UCSC for a term of one year, staff members are elected for two years.

Any student, staff member or faculty member can approach the UCU Council for matters that are of importance to the community. The Council will treat the information provided by colleagues or students as confidential.

In 2021, new members will be elected for both the student component of the Council and the staff component.

Timeline for staff elections:

29 March - 16 April: register for candidacy
not required - 22-23 April: election
not required -
29 April: results announced

Download UCU's Electoral Regulations


The newly elected staff members 2021-2023

Tatiana (T.) Bruni

Sahra (S.A.) Farah

Markha (M.G.)Valenta

Information about the Student Council election.


Electoral committee

E.B. Boschen (chair). Contact for procedural questions.

E. van Straaten (secretary)

I.R.A. Ryan (student assessor)