In order to apply for exchange, you will need to include the following documents in your application:

Only mandatory for universities where the language of instruction is not English:

Your UCU study abroad study plan needs to be approved by your tutor. First draft a concept plan, and then discuss with your tutor whether it is feasible. After your plan has been approved by your tutor, you have to submit all required documents through this online form (available 1 March – 9 April 2021) and also complete the application process in Osiris. The application instructions can be found here

Please note: You may only choose University College Utrecht destinations or university-wide destinations. A combination is not allowed. You are not allowed to choose destinations from other faculties at Utrecht University.


In the past we have been able to place (almost) all students with our own partner universities and on their first preference. However, we cannot guarantee this in the future. 

When to apply

You can start collecting/preparing the necessary documents and submit them when the system opens on 1 November. Make sure to submit the required documents through the online form and to also complete the Osiris application by April 9th! 1. Plan your appointment with your tutor before that date to ensure a timely application. 


In case of cancellation, contact the UCU International Office

If you cancel before the 1 April 2021 (exchange in Fall 2021) or 1 September 2021 (exchange in Spring 2022), there are no costs involved. After that, the cancellation fee is €200. Your stay at University College Utrecht will then depend on the availability of a room. If you decide to re-apply for exchange in an alternative semester, your placement depends on the availability of spots.