Below you can find an overview of selected available internships offered to UCU students. New items get added to the list regularly. If you would like to offer an internship at your company or organization to UCU students, please contact UCU's Career Development Officer Bas Defize (

Note: although this list is frequently updated with new internships, some internship deadlines might have expired. 

You can also search for internships offered to UU students using Jobteaser.

Overview available internships

23 May 2019
De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin is looking for interns for the departments 'stage', 'publicity' and 'production'.
30 April 2019
VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland, the largest employers' organisations in The Netherlands, offer an internship at their Brussels office.
30 April 2019
The Foundation Max van der Stoel is looking for interns in the Democracy, Lobby & Advocacy, and Research & Events departments for Fall 2019 (in Dutch).
17 April 2019
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering three internships at the 'Directie Sub Sahara Afrika' in The Hague, starting in August.
10 April 2019
The project ‘Sharing Knowledge in Learned and Literary Networks’ (SKILLNET) studies early modern scholarship.
25 March 2019
The Dutch embassy in Canberra is offering a 5-month internship at the department of Cultural Affairs and Public Diplomacy from July 15 onwards.
6 December 2018
In this position, you will focus on internal events, coordinating several projects and actively researching data around the Life Cycle Assessment.
15 November 2018
De Nieuwe Oost | Wintertuin is looking for interns in the departments 'podium', 'publicity', 'talent development' and 'impact'.
11 November 2018
This internship preferably starts in December or in the beginning of 2019 and lasts for at least 2-3 months.
11 October 2018
Goboony, a motorhome sharing platform, is looking for a Data Analysis intern.