Document requests for University College Utrecht students

Proof of residence: When you have registered your address at the municipality of Utrecht, you should have received a proof of residence automatically. Should you have lost this document, you can request a new copy from the Utrecht Municipality.

Proof of enrolment in the Bachelor's degree of University College Utrecht's 'Liberal Arts and Sciences' programme at Utrecht University can be obtained from OSIRIS Student. You can also download this for prior years of enrolment. If you have further specific questions about this, please contact UU's Student Services

Proof of payment of tuition fees can be requested through OSIRIS Student, from the link on the Student Services page.

List of grades and/or current course enrolments: Via OSIRIS Student -> Progress, you can download a Transcript of Records and your Study Progress Overview, which also includes your current course enrolments. When you are applying to a UU master's programme you can use this list. When you are asked for an official list of grades (signed and stamped) please use the document request form as indicated below. 

English as language of instruction is stated on the official transcript, the preliminary list of grades, the expected graduation/declaration of graduation statements and the International Diploma Supplement issued with the diploma. 

(Preliminary) transcripts/graduation declarations (current students only): Submit your request for documents (Semester list of grades/Preliminary Transcript, Expected to Graduate or Graduation Declaration) with the Document request form.


  • For an official (free) extract of your diploma please go to the DUO website.
  • Diplomas can only be issued once. When you graduated you were provided with your original diploma and transcript, and digital copies of both. If you have lost your diploma and/or transcript, we can provide you with a certified or digital copy if we have this on record still, for an administrative fee of 25 euros. Please contact to request this. 
  • If you would like a certified copy of your diploma or transcript you may bring your original document(s) to UCU Reception, or Utrecht University's Student Services who can authenticate a photocopy of your own original document. This can be done free of charge. You can also email a high resolution copy of your diploma and/or transcript to the Registrar's Office for authentication. Any notary office can do this for you also, but will charge a fee. 
  • For full course outlines from previous years, please visit the Utrecht University course catalogue. You can find all UU/UCU course outlines there from multiple years back until now, and download these as pdf.