Medical Science

The academic field of Medical Science at University College Utrecht deals with topics that prepare you for future Medical Master programs in the Netherlands or elsewhere. In addition, many Medical Sciences majors continue to do MSc programs in related fields like Biomedical Sciences or Life Sciences.

Courses in the Medical Sciences track are:

  • Mechanisms of Disease (UCSCIMED21);
  • Immunology & infectious diseases (UCSCIMED31);
  • Pharmacology (UCSCIMED32);
  • Global Health (UCINTGLO21/31) and
  • Lab courses related to anatomy, histology and Epidemiology.

Pre-Medical Science is not a separate degree or status. It is a major you choose as a UCU student and can serve as a requirement for future studies of (Bio-)medical sciences. This also means that there is no separate admissions to the Pre-medical sciences track, but only a general admission to UCU. Students have the first year to explore UCU’s diverse academical offerings and declare their major in the second year (see:

You can find more information about (Pre-)Medical Science using the following links:

Overview Biomedical oriented Science major (“Pre-med programme”)
Course Overview 2022

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The Fellow ( is linked to a track student representative.

Track representative: Sophie ten Have


For more information:

In addition, there is a student-led organization for medical track students, called MedCo. For more info about their activities:



MedCo is the medical committee on campus that organizes events related to the medical world and in collaboration with other committees. Some of our popular events are the first aid workshop, suturing workshop, healthy cooking workshop together with GastronomyCo, and the Masters and Career info event. The events organized by MedCo are open to everybody on campus. Our goals is to bring together not only the pre-med students on campus, but people with interests in all fields to inform ourselves about science and medicine from different perspectives.