Psychologists and Mental Health Specialists

Via your GP

All significant health matters, including questions regarding mental health or requests for referral to a psychologist, should be presented to your GP/doctor (‘huisarts’ in Dutch). The GP is a student’s essential starting point for all matters of physical and mental health. They are the portal into all other branches of the healthcare system, including all specialists, and can make the necessary referrals. Many practices also have their own in-house specialists, including mental health professionals.

On the UU campus

Utrecht University has its own team of psychologists devoted to supporting students from all faculties, including University College Utrecht students. They are available for short consultations as well as longer, more detailed ones.

See here for further details, and how to make an appointment.

Independent search

There are, of course, many other healthcare professionals in Utrecht and throughout the country, who offer consultations in psychology and various therapies. The University does not make specific recommendations, though a basic internet search reveals a number of practitioners, including some with previous experience in counselling UCU students (in English or Dutch). Some are listed in the International Therapist Directory. This website is not a recommendation from or collaboration with the UU, but is simply a public resource. The university continues to recommend that all your health matters are channeled through your own GP.