Academic Rules and Regulations

The Academic Rules and Regulations outline important aspects of studying at University College Utrecht. Read the document carefully.

A new edition is released every academic year and is applicable to all students, no matter when you started:

Download ARR 2023-2024

A summary of the most important changes in 2023-2024:

No new rules
3.4 – Article inserted about UU language policy, but this does not apply to UCU. This means the following numbers in section 3 shift.
3.6.2g – Clarified minimum standards for level 3 courses. No new rule, was already checked for in practice.
3.6.2h – Clarified choice of methodology courses for SSC major and interdomain major.
3.6.3 – Clarified that a BSc requires a Science major, not just loose science courses. Section rewritten for clarity.

Section 5 (various articles) – now includes text from the abolished Assessment Policy Plan (APP).
5.6.6 and 5.14.1 – now include AI-generated text without reference as plagiarism.

The edition for the next academic year is usually published in June.
Older versions can be found below, but are only meant for reference. they are not valid anymore once a new version has been effectuated.

Older ARRs