Jobs and vacancies

Representing a perfect chance to put academic theory into working practice, internships are the perfect opportunity to better come to grips with your talents, skills and abilities and to explore the practical value of your university education.

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Job openings from the UU network

Career Services regularly receives job openings from companies and organisations in the UU network. As long as these job openings are relevant to a large enough group of students, we’ll post them on this job board. So make a profile and job opportunities will start popping up!

Student jobs

Over the course of the academic year, Utrecht University needs UU students to perform various jobs. Career Services collects these jobs and publishes them on their job board as soon as they start welcoming applications. The jobs we might post this year* include:

  • Staff at events like the Career Day, Education Fair, LinkedIn photoshoot and resume check, the Introduction Day for International Students and the Science Park Marathon.
  • Web editors for the websites and social media channels of Career Services, the University Fund and other University departments.
  • Administrative support at the International Office, the Press Office and VSBfonds selection.
  • Project assistant at Your CareerLab and other projects.

*we can't guarantee to offer these jobs this year because of the corona virus and events taking place in an online form.

Hours and duration will vary from job to job. The Facebook announcements for each job will include a link where you can apply. If you’re selected, you’ll be engaged on a temp contract with Topselect for about € 14.50 an hour. So like our page and job opportunities will start popping up on your timeline!