Economics studies human behaviour - like all of the social sciences. But of course, the direction the discipline takes is particular. The fundamental premise in economics is that human wants are unlimited whereas resources are limited. Therefore, Economics as a discipline deals specifically with the choices people make, either individually or in terms of aggregates in the context of scarcity. Economics provides students with an intellectual framework of different theories, models and concepts with which the economy and economic decisions in real-life can be analysed and explained.

University College Utrecht offers a track in Economics, starting with an introductory course. After this course, basically two directions are open in the track: a macroeconomic direction (including an international perspective) and a microeconomic route. The full track joined with off-campus courses (econometrics) or some economics course followed on exchange should give full admission to a regular Master's programmes in Economics.

Note: University College Utrecht does not offer a track in business.