The Exam Board is an independent body at UCU, which consists of teachers and faculty members, and aims to guard the quality of, and the procedures surrounding, examinations.

Some of the Exam Board’s core activities include

  • Making sure students meet the graduation requirements of their diploma.
  • Making sure the quality of assessment in course is good and that it corresponds with what is described in the course outline and the academic rules and regulations.
  • Settling cases that are brought by students concerning for example assessment in a course, grade conversions and credits for non-UCU courses.
  • Settling cases brought by instructors including about academic misbehavior of a student such as plagiarism.  

The Exam Board typically deals with

  • Requests for course approval (off campus and exchange);
  • Requests for minors;
  • Requests to have approved non-UCU courses fulfill specific, requirements;
  • Exemption requests (waivers);
  • Requests for shortened programs;
  • Complaints about grades and credits;
  • Suspected cases of plagiarism;
  • Special service requests.

What can you approach the Exam Board for?

Anything  issues regarding procedural rules at UCU. This could be violations of the assessment criteria, violation of the ARR (Academic Rules and Regulations). However, you are strongly encouraged to discuss any issues with your professor first.

Please note that the Exam Board does not deal with content matters, but merely procedural matters. For any matters concerning content of your courses, please approach your professor, or the Director of Education.

How can I contact the exam board?

Students can’t themselves directly contact the Exam Board, all (first) contact is via the tutors. This is to remain as objective as possible.

What can I do if I disagree with decisions made by the Exam Board?

N.B.: If students want to appeal exam board decisions: go to College van Beroep voor de Examens, the UU Board that coordinates all UU faculty Exam Boards. However always go to the UCU exam board first.

Model Regulations of the Board of Examiners

You can find a document laying out the model regulations of the Board of Examiners here.

In 2019-2020 the UCU Exam Board members are: Dr. G. de Krom (chair), Drs. S.E.D. Spee, Dr. A.E.M. van de Ven, Dr. A.A. Aronowitz, Dr. T. Zakula
Secretary: E.M.A. Goossens