Digital Thesis archive

All University College Utrecht students may submit their Bachelor’s thesis in the digital thesis archive of the University Library.


  • Theses should be submitted in PDF format. This way they will remain permanently accessible and readable. Contact the library by sending an e-mail to to inquire about other possibilities.
  • Log in to the thesis archive with your Solis ID (student number) and password. You will then be directed to the page where you fill in your data.
  • Fill in your student number. Your name and study programme will automatically be filled in.
  • Fill in the rest of the form. If you have any problems, you can consult the instruction manual via the 'help' button at the bottom of the page. Also read the tips below on what you should consider when uploading.
  • Once you have uploaded your thesis, a verification e-mail will automatically be send to the UCU Registrar's office.
  • Your work will become visible once you graduate.
  • Is your thesis complete and approved by your supervisor and thesis coordinator?
  • Have they also agreed to uploading? Some research data may still be under embargo, meaning it may not yet be released for publication.
  • You can indicate an embargo date in the thesis archive, also opting for just showing a summary.
  • Are you proud of your work? Share it!
  • Be cautious when including personal details (i.e. telephone numbers) in your student thesis.
  • Only theses which have been submitted as unprotected PDFs will remain accessible and readable. Should you wish to submit your thesis in a different or unprotected format, please contact the library: .