Housing Deposit

All University College Utrecht students (including exchange students) are required to make a €100 deposit towards repair costs of any unreasonable damage which may occur to their room/unit or other property during their stay on campus. This is to safeguard fairness in the event of collective responsibility, and ensure that the minority of residents who actually cause damage can be held individually accountable without impacting others.

The housing deposit is not intended for standard maintenance costs, and the landlord is expected to cover any reasonable ‘wear and tear’ to property, or items which need replacing due to their age. 

In the event of deposits being withheld, there will always be a chance for discussion, which may include students, the Landlord, Housemaster, Student Life Officer, and others.  

Each resident’s deposit balance will be returned after the student has graduated and handed in all keys and the XS card to the buildings. Students leaving campus in December will get their deposit back in the summer, after their unit has been checked and all deposits have been processed in August.

The housing deposit is not reimbursed to new students who move to campus before the start of their studies but subsequently withdraw and terminate their enrolment before 1 September.

Procedure for refunding the deposit

If, after the final check, the damage exceeds €100, you will be charged for the remainder. If there is no damage, or if the damage amounts to less than €100, please fill out this form.

Please note that reimbursement of the housing deposit needs to be filed within one academic year after graduation or leaving University College Utrecht. After one year any remaining credit will be transferred to the University College Utrecht Scholarship fund.