Student Aid Fund


The aim of the Student Aid Fund (S.A.F.) is to give financial support to University College Utrecht students who need incidental help covering course related expenses such as books or other study related costs. The S.A.F. receives money as gifts from people who might be called “Friends of the College”, such as the students themselves, their parents, staff members and alumni.


The Office of the Managing Director administers the fund. A small S.A.F. committee led by the Student Life Officer sets the available budget for aid in each semester and considers applications made by students.


Applications are invited as early as possible at the start of each semester and at the start of the summer courses. In the application form students should outline the circumstances surrounding their financial need and also itemise the proposed expenditures for which assistance is required. If there are special (family) circumstances, additional documentation may be requested by the S.A.F committee, although in principle aid is granted on the basis of trust. Applications should be addressed to the Student Life Officer (Mark Baldwin: and should be sent via e-mail or left in paper form at the reception desk. The S.A.F. committee will notify applicants of their decisions as quickly as possible.