THumanities Major

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities appear in section 3 of the Academic Rules and Regulations for your cohort. 

Methodology Course

A required level 2 Humanities methodology course is recommended for students in their 3rd or 4th semester who have taken sufficient level 1 Humanities courses. Read more about methods in the Humanities.

Major Courses and Tracks

Humanities majors must take 10 courses towards major requirements. Humanities majors may currently complete requirements with tracks in the following areas:

As part of the language and culture requirement, UCU students must take a certain number of language and culture courses. These courses are organized in the Humanities department. For the specific requirements, please consult the Academic Rules & Regulations.

The Humanities department offers the following dedicated program

The UCU Cultural Heritage Program offers students a hands-on experience of working in the cultural heritage sector, worldwide, as part of their undergraduate liberal arts and sciences curriculum

The Humanities Student Representatives can be reached at

For the academic year 2017–2018, the Humanities Student Representatives are as follows:

  • History: Carlota Rebelo Pires
  • Literature: Lidewij Folkertsma
  • Linguistics: Anahi Saravia Herrera
  • Art History and Museum Studies: Flora Scott
  • Media and Performance Studies: Simona Evstatieva
  • China Studies: Daria Andreeva
  • Philosophy: Hugo Snijders
  • Religious Studies: Mariia Wäre
Teaching Fellow
Agnes Andeweg

Literature & Classics

Jocelyn Ballantyne

Linguistics / Language & Culture

Meiyi Bao

China Studies

Christoph Baumgartner

Religious Studies

Mary Bouquet

Art History and Museum Studies / Performing Arts

Floris van der Burg


Richard Hinam

Coordinator Performance Studies

Nina Köll

Coordinator Media Studies

Jos van der Linden


Saskia Spee

Coordinator Language & Culture (