Course enrolment and placement procedure

Course enrolment and placement procedure

The course pre-enrolment process for continuing students starts right after the midterm break. Do take note of the course pre-enrolment deadlines as they are published in the academic calendar. If you fail to meet the first deadline, you can only sign up for remaining places in courses in the subsequent round. If no pre-enrolment is made, students are enrolled in any course where there are places available to meet the required study load.

To distribute places, University College Utrecht uses pre-determined priority categories such as level of studies and particular graduation requirements. Pre-enrolled students in the highest priority categories are placed first during the pre-enrolment rounds; space permitting, remaining places are then allocated among the students in the next highest priority category, and so on. The allocation draws take into account priority level, student preference (sets) and timeslots. 

Guaranteed placement in University College Utrecht courses for a given semester will be visible via Osiris Student. Guaranteed places are only valid if:

  • You qualify for the course (i.e., meet the prerequisite requirements)
  • Placement does not create a timeslot conflict with another confirmed course 

Note that placement in 5th courses is never guaranteed until all semester course placements are finalised.

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