University College Utrecht encourages applications from students with disabilities, and wherever possible, will make arrangements to allow students with disabilities full access to the same facilities for study as all other students. A student is disabled if they require a facility which is outside of the mainstream provision of the college in order to participate fully in higher education and without which the student would be educationally disadvantaged in comparison with their peers.

Students who might register with the Student Disability Service are often from the following groups:

  • hard of hearing/deaf
  • visual disability/blind
  • specific learning difficulties
  • physical disability
  • medical disability
  • mental health difficulties

Applications from persons with disabilities for admission to University College are considered on the same academic grounds as from all other applicants. The candidate can indicate on the application form whether special arrangements are required.  The College will make every effort to meet a student's needs, but in certain cases an applicant may be advised to consider alternative courses, or to apply for the chosen course at another institution where more suitable facilities are known to be available.

In any discipline, it is expected that all students will follow the same course, but individual needs can be taken into consideration when organizing assessment, and special arrangements can be made for students as appropriate.  Such arrangements might include the use of specialized equipment, the provision of an amanuensis or simply the allocation of additional time. Students with a learning disability must present a signed declaration from a doctor or specialist stating that they have been diagnosed with such a disability in order for us to make provisions to accommodate their needs.

University College has a Disability Services Coordinator who is available for consultation regarding special provisions.  If a facility is requested in connection with a disability, the Disability Services Co-ordinator puts the student in contact with the Facilities Manager at University College, or the relevant professional at Utrecht University Student Service Centre.  The Coordinator can act as mediator between the student and the institution, should adjustments need to be made to the academic curriculum.  The Disability Coordinator will also maintain an up-to-date file with the names of all students with a disability, the type of disability, the nature of any agreements or arrangements made in order to accommodate the students, and contact details of, for example, personal advisors, therapists, or doctors, where the student chooses to make such details available to the College.

To learn more about the provisions offered for students studying with a disability at UCU, see disability or chronic illness.