On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions related to finance that you may have before or after your arrival at University College Utrecht.

I need a form filled out or stamped for government funding/DUO. Where do I go?

You can drop off your form at the Reception Desk. They will pass it on to the Finance office. You will receive an email notifying you when it is ready for collection from the Reception desk, which usually takes 2 days.

I have a new credit card number – who do I have to inform? 

Send an email to our own Finance office (ucu.finance@uu.nl).

I have a new bank account number - who do I have to inform?

Send an email to our own Finance office (ucu.finance@uu.nl) and one to the Central Student Administration (CSA – studentservices@uu.nl).

I need to know UCU’s bank account number (Note: not to be used for tuition fees).

Account Holder: University College in Utrecht
Address: P.O. Box 80145, 3508 TC Utrecht, NL
IBAN: NL15 ABNA 0513 5968 60

I need a physical address connected to the UCU bank account for a special bank transfer. 

Bank: ABN AMRO (= main office)
Address: Gustav Halerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Can you pay in cash in College Hall?

Paying in cash is not possible. You can only pay at our Reception Desk with debit card/pin machine, e.g. paying for storage or caps and gowns.

Can I pay with credit card in College Hall?

This cannot be done at the Reception Desk, only at our Finance office. We only accept payments with Visa or MasterCard. Note that there will be additional transaction costs of 4%. Exchange students may also pay for campus fees by credit card  in our finance office.

Where and how can I pay for storage or my cap and gown?

At our Reception Desk in College Hall. Payment is only possible using the pin machine (debit cards only).

Can I apply for any benefits?

Check the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website or contact Student Services helpdesk at the Uithof: studentenservice@qdesk.uu.nl.

Can I apply for Dutch finance system or tuition fee loan?

Check this infographic by Study in Holland or contact the Student services helpdesk at the Uithof: studentenservice@qdesk.uu.nl. Note that EU nationals who work a minimum of 56 hours per week might be eligible for a loan.

What happens if I run into significant, unexpected problems with paying my bills?

It will depend on the problem. Send an email to the Finance office (ucu.finance@uu.nl) or make an appointment to discuss options with one of the Finance officers or with the Student Life Office, Mark Baldwin.

I have not yet received the document / transcript I requested via Document Request.

Perhaps there has been a delay due to financial issues? Contact ucu.finance@uu.nl.

When does the Finance office have office hours?  

There are no office hours. You can either make an appointment by email (ucu.finance@uu.nl) or come to the Reception desk in College Hall between 09:00-17:00. The Receptionist can check if someone from the Finance team is available.

How can I pay in Dining Hall?

You can pay with a debit or credit card. Cash is not accepted.

I have a question related to the Meal Plan. Who should I contact?

If you can’t find the answer to your question on the Meal Plan website, please address your question to Sodexo: MealplanUCU.NL@sodexo.com.

I cannot find my question/answer among these money-related FAQs.

Send an email to ucu.finance@uu.nl.

I need a statement saying that I have paid my campus fees.

Send a request to ucu.finance@uu.nl and make sure to indicate whether you need a digital copy or hard copy. Please indicate which period: academic - or calendar year?

When can I expect the specification of the campus fees?

For 2nd and 3rd years it will be sent to your student email address before mid-July. For 1st years it will be sent to your home email address before mid-July. The invoice will not be sent to your parents. Make sure to forward the email yourself, if necessary.

When can we expect the campus fee invoice itself?

For 1st years, it will be sent by email around the 1st of August to your home email address. For 2nd and 3rd years it will be sent around early August. In principle it is sent to your student email address.

Will the campus fee invoice be sent to me or one of my parents?

The campus fee invoice will be sent to students only. It is your responsibility to forward the correct information to parent(s) in time.

By when do the campus fees have to be paid?

For deadlines and dates check the specification sent in July by email.

I want to pay the campus fees in installments (5 or 10) What do I have to do?

Each year you will receive a new deferred payment form along with the specification. This option is also available for exchange students. Make sure to fill out this form each new academic year and return it by the given date mentioned on the form. Paying in installments can only be done with a bank account from a SEPA country. 

How do I know you have received my deferred payment form?

If we have not received the form, we will contact you early October..

I need a copy of last year’s invoice. Who can I ask?

Check your own mailbox first. It has been sent each year. If necessary, send an email to ucu.finance@uu.nl.

I finished my classes but I still need to pay my installment for the campus fees in June. How come?

The 5 or 10 installments are spread out over the year and the last instalment is due in June. Note that you may be billed towards your credit card even later in Summer.

Who can I contact if the campus fee installment payment did not succeed?

We need to check this for you, so send an email to ucu.finance@uu.nl.

Can I pay the campus fees in installments with a non-SEPA account?

No, this is only possible from a Dutch account or a bank account from a SEPA country (click for a list of SEPA countries)

I paid the deposit when I was accepted. How will it be used?

The €200 deposit will be used towards your campus fees. It will show on your invoice later.

How much tuition fees will I have to pay for the academic year?

Check our website for details.

I need a statement that I have paid my tuition fees.

Send an email to CSA (Central Student Administration): studentservices@uu.nl. Your request will be handled within ten days.

Who can I contact if the tuition fees instalment did not succeed?

Send an email to CSA: studentservices@uu.nl

I have dual nationality, will my tuition fees be lower?

If one of your nationalities is EU and you have or can obtain an EU passport, you should be able to pay the lower tuition fees. Make sure to send proof (= copy of EU passport) to CSA so they can confirm: studentservices@uu.nl

UCU will be my second bachelor – what does this mean for my tuition fees?

Only if you have a Dutch nationality, you will have to pay institutional tuition fees (which are higher than statutory tuition fees). For more info, send an email to studentservices@uu.nl

My Solis account does not work.

Solis accounts can be blocked by Central Student Administration if there a problems with your tuition fee payments. Contact CSA a.s.a.p.: studentservices@uu.nl

Do I pay the statutory tuition fees ('wettelijk collegegeld')?

You pay statutory tuition fees when you are a Dutch national who has not yet obtained their Bachelor or when you are an EU citizen.

Do I pay the institutional tuition fees (which is higher than the statutory tuition fees)?

Non-EEA students and Dutch students who have already obtained a degree before UCU pay the institutional (=higher) tuition fees.

Can I pay tuition fees in installments with a non-SEPA account?

No, this is only possible from a Dutch account or a bank account from a SEPA country (click for a list of SEPA countries).

I need to send in my statement 'Payment of the tuition fees' (for students receiving a partial or full waiver (scholarship students only). Who do I send it to?

Send the completed form with your signature to CSA: studentservices@uu.nl

I need a statement or a 1098-T form for US Taxes that I have paid my tuition fees.

Please contact our Student Services at UU for tuition fees matters: studentservices@uu.nl. Do note that only a statement can be made confirming the amount of tuition fees that were paid. The actual T-form cannot be issued because we are not an American university.

How much will I need to budget for monthly living costs?

Have a look at our Fees & Finance overviews, which includes the costs of personal expenses.

What are the travel costs like in the Netherlands?

Check out these sites to get an idea:

What are the average costs for study materials and books per academic year at UCU?

It is hard to give an estimate as it depends on the type of courses you take and whether you can find used books. Costs may vary from €100 - €500 per year.   

How can I pay in most shops and supermarkets?

It's easiest to pay with a debit card. Credit cards are not commonly accepted in the Netherlands. Click here for more credit card info and other money matters.

Where can I find the nearest ATM machine to campus?

The nearest ING branch is on de Nachtegaalstraat 22-24 (6 minutes by bike, 23 minutes on foot). The nearest Rabobank branch is situated on the corner of de Maliebaan and Burgemeester Reigerstraat (5 minutes by bike, 21 minutes on foot).

Where can I find the nearest bank to campus?

The nearest ING branch is on de Nachtegaalstraat 22-24 (6 minutes by bike, 23 minutes on foot). The nearest Rabobank branch is situated on the corner of de Maliebaan and Burgemeester Reigerstraat (5 minutes by bike, 21 minutes on foot).

Do I need a Dutch bank account as an Exchange student for one semester only?

If you are staying in the Netherlands for less than one year, you may have to pay fees to open a bank account. If you are only here for a short period of time, we recommend that you use your bank account from back home if at all possible. Click here for money matters for new students. If you are an exchange student coming for Fall semester only and you need to open a bank account, please contact the UCU International Office for further information (ucu.internationaloffice@uu.nl).

Are there any ways to get discounts at e.g. museums?

You can get certain discounts with an International Student Identity Card. Check this site for details or you can consider buying a Museum discount card. Check with fellow senior students for advice.

Is it possible to get rent allowance?

Unfortunately it is not possible to get rent allowance, as you do not have your own front door but share your unit with others. It is also not possible because you pay rent to UCU, and not directly to Lekstede.

How can I get a refund for my double/ shared room?

Fill out the Financial Compensation Shared Room Request Form.

When can I expect the refund for shared room?

At the end of each semester it will be reimbursed, provided the form was sent.

How can I get a refund for my housing deposit?

Fill out the Housing Deposit Request Form.

When can I expect the refund for housing deposit?

Only if you have filled out the form in time will you be able to get a refund. This must be done within 1 year after leaving. Students leaving campus in June will get their deposit back by the end of September. Any remaining credit will be transferred to the UCU scholarship fund when the deposit has not been claimed after 1 year.

How can I apply for a UCU scholarship?

You can indicate your need in your application form and upload the necessary documents in your application form. Check the scholarship procedure for more information.

Can I apply for a Utrecht Excellence scholarship as well?

No, you cannot apply for both. Check the scholarship procedure.

Are there any other scholarships if UCU does not offer me one?

Look under External scholarships (such as Grantfinder) on this page.

Can I apply for Financial Aid when I’m in my second or third year?

No, you cannot. But if you need incidental financial support perhaps the Student Aid Fund can help.

Can I get a scholarship in addition to a FASFA loan?

No, this is not possible.

I need to send in my tuition fee waiver (scholarship related) for the tuition fees. Who do I send it to?

Send the signed and filled-out form to CSA: studentservices@uu.nl

I am an Exchange student. Can I apply for a scholarship?

You cannot apply for a UCU scholarship, this is for degree students only. You may contact your own university for Erasmus grant opportunities. This is for EU students only. Also check out the Study In Holland website.

Am I eligible for student finance from the Dutch government?

Whether you qualify for student finance depends on your age, course and nationality or residency status. For more info check the DUO website.