It is often said that your university years are the best time of your life. We hope your time at University College Utrecht is enjoyable and healthy. However, life is rarely so simple, and it’s very likely you will encounter a few health, welfare or other kinds of difficulties during that time. For many of you this will be a period of transitions: from youth to adulthood; from school to university; from home life to campus life; from elsewhere to Utrecht; and towards independent responsibility.

Thankfully, for young people beginning studies, this is usually a very positive, exciting and fun period. However, it is perfectly normal for this to also feel demanding, disorientating, tiring and difficult at times. Sometimes you might feel anxious, confused, exhausted, upset or lonely, as you encounter new situations, and navigate your own personal growth at university. Simply talking about this with those around you can help remind you that the challenges you face, and the ways in which you react, are often just normal and healthy parts of your personal development.

There might also be times, though, when you need some kind of further help. Like all good universities, Utrecht takes students’ health and welfare seriously and there is a range of support available.