Health and Wellbeing

It’s often said that your university years are some of the best times of your life! Hopefully your time at UCU is enjoyable and healthy. However, life is rarely simple, and it’s likely you will encounter some health and welfare challenges along the way. This is normal in a period full of transitions: from youth to adulthood; from school to university; from home life to campus life; from elsewhere to Utrecht; and towards increased independence and responsibility.

Whilst these challenges are usually a positive part of the fun, you might at times feel anxious, confused, exhausted, upset or lonely, as you navigate new situations at university. Usually, these experiences and feelings are normal, important and healthy parts of your personal progress, in which you build effective coping strategies and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Part of simply ‘being’.

It’s also very healthy to reach out and talk when you feel stuck, and to ask for help when needed. Utrecht University views students’ health and welfare seriously and there is a range of help and guidance readily available.