university college utrecht

UCU offers students room to develop their own curriculum, more than is the case in monodisciplinary bachelor programmes. The role of tutors, who are also teacher-scholars at UCU, is to guide you in constructing a curriculum in line with your interests and future goals. Tutors have an understanding of specific programme requirements and circumstances that can affect a student’s progress through the programme and can provide guidance and support accordingly.

In addition, tutors can reflect with you on the way your approach your studies, discuss successes and possible obstacles, allowing you to evaluate your strategies and explore new ones. Tutors can also be the first point of contact to discuss matters related to student wellbeing.

In sum, our top priority is to guide you in making choices that are in line with University College Utrecht's rules and regulations and reflect your academic goals and personal aims and ambitions. Tutors counsel you about your academic options (including but not limited to the University College Utrecht curriculum), about determining priorities, and about keeping your performance in line with your goals. When necessary, tutors guide you with referrals to other experts at University College Utrecht or elsewhere. 

An overview of all tutors can be found on the staff page.