Study Areas

Students can use the study areas in the academic buildings from 8:30 until 01:00. Study areas are located on each floor and some of the desks are equipped with computers. Quiet areas are also available on the first floor. 

Voltaire has a quiet area on the first floor where no mobile phones or group meetings are allowed. This quiet area is open 24 hours a day and is only for University College Utrecht students.

Student-run library

Opposite to Voltaire's quiet area, on the side facing College Hall, you can also find a small library from which every University College Utrecht student can borrow books. Old books can also be donated to the student-run library.


Each academic building also has a lounge with comfortable couches and chairs and coffee and/or vending machines. These lounges are ideal for group meetings. The Locke lounge also has two big conference tables.

University Libraries

University College Utrecht students have access to the study areas in the University Libraries (Utrecht Science Park and City Center). You can use Studyspot to check which spots in the libraries are still available.