Courses and Schedules

Course Planner

The Utrecht University Course Planner is an online tool to browse through courses on offer and to plan your curriculum. It lists full course descriptions and prerequisites. Course descriptions for the upcoming academic year are usually published in March. 

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Course Catalogue

The Course Catalogue lists all courses on offer in the full academic year. For a summary and explanation of changes in the course offering, see the underlying tabs.

Course Schedule

The Course Schedule lists all courses per semester and the timeslots and classrooms in which they are taught.  

OSIRIS Course Catalogue for all UU courses, and old outlines

You can browse Utrecht University's OSIRIS Course Catalog to find course descriptions for off-campus courses. By changing the year, you can also retrieve old course outlines for University College Utrecht Courses.

End-term Matrix

Like every programme, University College Utrecht has defined a number of program end terms. These reflect the end goals of the University College Utrecht curriculum. Since students follow their individual programme, the relation between the individual curriculum and these end terms is not always self-evident. Therefore, we created an end terms matrix, which consists of all the disciplinary University College Utrecht courses and relates them to the program end terms. As a student, you can use this matrix to check whether your individual program indeed includes all the end terms. As a programme, we make sure that enough boxes within the matrix are ticked, in order to ensure compliance to the end terms.

Download the University College Utrecht End Term Matrix.