University College Student Council

The University College (UCSC), is University College Utrecht's elected student body that represents student interest in all academic matters.

The six members that form the University College Student Council work together with students, teachers and staff members in order to “improve the liberal arts and sciences education from a student’s perspective”. The UCSC is dependent on student involvement in this process, and thereby holds a range of different research activities; from small-scale focus groups to large-scale student opinion surveys. The UCSC also functions as an open source of information for students and facilitates them in their initiatives.

The UCSC holds official positions within the organisational structure of University College Utrecht. It has four seats in the University College Utrecht Council, the college's co-decision-making advisory body, together with four faculty members. In addition to that, one of the UCSC members, the Student Assessor, sits in the main governance body, the Management Team, along with the Dean and Managing Director, with the Director of Education acting as a visiting member. Within the educational policy making body, the UCU Board of Studies, one UCSC member acts as a formal student representative, with the Student Assessor also being a visiting member. Together as the UCSC board, we work with the college to ensure the student voice is heard and included in shaping managerial, administrative, and academic policy, such as decolonizing our curriculum and giving input on the UCU budget.

Along with these official positions the UCSC also holds a strong connection with the five clusters at UCU. The Academic Affairs Officers works with the cluster chairs, fellows, and student track representatives to improve individual classes and tracks.

Above all, the UCSC holds the positions and determination to better this University College; all we need is student involvement and support to make a change.

Policy Manual