Any technical problems concerning units should be reported to the Landlord, Bowien de Kriek, through this online form. The landlord can also be reached by e-mail ( or telephone (030-2539986), and is available in person between 8:30 – 12:00 (Mon – Fri) in the Landlord's office in Dining Hall, ground floor, entrance next to the bar.

The Housemaster, Maarten Diederix, is responsible for the academic buildings on campus.

Students should report any damage to campus buildings or property to the Housemaster as soon as possible: His office is in Dining Hall on the ground floor, entrance next to the gym. Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday 14:00-15:00.

Campus security is provided by UU security. They are to be called in all instances requiring emergency services including ambulance and fire.

In case of emergency, call 030 253 4444

For other (non-urgent) assistance, call 030 253 1300

To ensure safe and secure living, students should keep the doors to their residences locked at all times and should not prop unit entry doors open. Windows, especially in rooms on the ground floor, should not be left open or unlocked when no one is in the room. Do not leave valuable items unattended in common areas on campus, such as in student lounges, dining hall, or study areas.

Read more about Safety and Security

Any needed repairs or technical problems in residence units need to be reported to the landlord as soon as possible (see contact details under Landlord header above). This may include lightbulbs needing replacement to problems with any of the items included in the original unit inventory or problems with the building itself.

All students are required to pay a € 100 housing deposit, to cover any unreasonable damage to units, inventory or campus facilities. More information about the housing deposit.

Students are expected to treat one another with respect, including sensitivity to the study and sleep needs of others. Quiet hours on campus are between 23.00 and 7.00, meaning that noise from parties, listening to loud music, movies or gaming is to be kept to a minimum during this time. It is best if students try to work this out in a respectful, cooperative manner with each other. If this fails, students should contact the Student Life Officer with their complaints. Repeated noise or party offenses can result in social probation, fines or removal from campus.

One of the items in the top 5 of irritations is smoking in a non-smoking unit. Every year we try to keep the smokers and the non-smokers separated by assigning the smokers to special units. Far too often students violate the rule that smoking is not allowed in a non-smoking unit.

To make sure we have the most up-to-date information, we ask all smokers to register with the reception desk. This does not influence your room assignment in any other way, it just means we will have a better means of keeping the smokers and non/anti-smokers apart and avoid problems. If you do not register as a smoker you will be housed in a non-smoking unit.

Any violations (smoking in the non-smoking units) are punishable by a fine.

As you are about to leave University College Utrecht, we would like to inform you about the procedure for leaving your room. We hope you understand this is a huge logistic undertaking and that we must ask you to follow this procedure to the letter. Download the checkout procedure here.

You can find the checkout deadline in the academic calendar.

After this date the Landlord has the right to enter the rooms, and your XS-card will be blocked.

University College Utrecht offers third year students the opportunity to live off-campus. The reason for this is student demand: some third year students prefer this option over staying on campus. Students must meet a number of requirements to be eligible. Please keep in mind that it is not easy to find an affordable student room in Utrecht. During the Spring semester information regarding conditions and how to apply for off-campus living are distributed by email.

Related forms can be found on the Forms page.

Download the washing machine manual and the dryer manual.

  1. Carefully read the manuals of the dryer and washer.
  2. There are 2 small filters in the door opening of the dryer. There is also a big condenser filter at the bottom. Clean these filters regularly with lukewarm water and make sure you replace them correctly. The filters should be dry when you place them back. If these filters get clogged up with too much cotton particles, the inside temperature gets too high, the inside security fuse blows and it costs at least € 85.00 to get it replaced. Often these filters are replaced the wrong way (left-right, upside down), which lets cotton particles and humid air enter the interior of the dryer, causing a moist layer of cotton over electrical parts and thus cause grounding problems. The filters must be cleaned every time after max. 3 loads. Please, check the manual about how to clean the filters.
  3. Do not dry heavy articles in the dryer such as shoes etc. These collide with the plastic lamp cover, which then breaks off and the next collision is with the bulb and fitting. On these threads the current is 230 V! Replacement of the plastic cover costs at least € 87.00. So when you find a round plastic cap in the dryer: this is the lamp cover! For your own safety please report immediately to the Landlord.
  4. Whenever you see water spilled on the floor, please check first if the outgoing flexible hose pipe is still placed in the gray vertical drain pipe.
  5. Clean up leftover detergent and staple layers of fiber in the washing room. If the laundry room is not clean after everyone leaves, you will be charged for the cleaning costs.
  6. If your dryer is situated inside the closet you should always keep the door of the closet open while using the dryer to allow wet air to leave through the ventilation openings.
  7. It's essential that you centrifuge your wash in the washing machine before putting it into the dryer. If the wash is too wet it can cause a short cut and damage to the dryer.
  8. Please remember that it costs over € 80.00 each time the MIELE service company has to come, not including the cost of the repair!