UCU Cultural Heritage Programme (CHIP)

CHIP augments the theoretical understanding of museums and heritage, exhibitions and collections in the preparatory coursework through the practical experience gained by a placement with a heritage institution. The placement is registered as UCHUMINT21 Academic Internship, 7,5 etcs, and the student researches and elaborates an internship proposal for their specific placement through the HUM lab. module, UCACCMET2K Academic Internship Preparation.  The CHIP programme enriches individual study programmes across the Liberal Arts and Sciences spectrum. This extra dimension includes working with highly qualified museum/heritage professionals, often academics, and gaining insight into the work of heritage organizations. Practical insight can also provide material for further scholarly elaboration in the research thesis. Alternatively, an academic internship may follow and give depth to a research thesis that focuses on a particular dimension of heritage. Completion of CHIP programme, including UCACCMET2K and a CHIP-approved UCHUMINT21, allows the student to count 10ECTS as a curricular enrichment option.

CHIP has its own website with an overview of student stories, lectures and news on the programme.

Visit the CHIP website