Grade conversion

When you take an off-campus course at a Dutch university your grades will be converted according to this table*:

NLgrade pointUCU
8,0 - 104,0A
7,7 - 7,93,7A-
7,4 - 7,63,3B+
7,0 - 7,33,0B
6,7 - 6,92,7B-
6,4 - 6,62,3C+
6,0 - 6,32,0C
5,6 - 5,91,7C-
5,4 - 5,51,3D+
5,0 - 5,31,0D
4,5 - 4,90,7D-
0 - 4,40,0F

* Please note that this table refers to a conversion of grades from the 1-10 Dutch grading system to UCU's letter grading system; not the other way around. It is up to the receiving institution to determine an interpretation of grades acquired outside of their programme or institution. An explanation of the UCU grading system can be found on UCU's intranet pages on grading policy, or on the UCU International Diploma Supplement (IDS), issued with the final transcript and diploma. This IDS is also available upon request from the UCU Registrar's Office