Sociology is a broad discipline looking at collective human behaviour in all its forms. We teach theories on human behaviour, test these as rigorous as we can, using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods, and report if the theories hold up, and if not, try to improve them. Where applicable, we formulate policy advice to mitigate social problems.

Sociology is relevant for LAS students at UCU if you are interested in understanding contemporary societies better. Clicking on the Courses and Track planning (with a list of recent thesis topics) will give you an impression of options.

Only a few of the myriad of questions we study:

  • How is society stratified? How much movement is there between the classes?
  • Which regional and temporal variation exists? Why does it exist?
  • What are consequences for life chances and lifestyles?
  • How can it be altered: social arrangements to lessen (effects of) social inequality?
  • Why do more people file for divorce after the holidays?
  • How do social norms emerge, and change?
  • What can teachers learn from ice hockey?
  • Why do Science students live longer than Art students?
  • What determines academic success?