Course Outline

UCACCINT2A – Research Assistantship
2,5 ECTS. Pass/Fail grade

This research assistantship enables students to receive academic credit for serving as assistants to faculty members who are conducting pre-existing research projects (e.g. preparing work for publication or a conference). This collaboration will result in a meaningful experience for the student that introduces them to and gives them grounding in the ethos and mechanics of research and publication.

Given the distinctive aspects of this learning experience, there is no official syllabus, however students and faculty (the faculty researchers) who participate in this project are required to submit a signed registration from, provided by the Research Assistantship Coordinator (Tatiana Bruni), prior to the start of assistantship. This module is taken for 2,5 ECTS, which amounts to a workload of 70 hours. These hours can be distributed within one semester, or across a longer period, depending on the needs of the faculty researcher. The assistantship can also be extended one more time if there is more work to be accomplished. In this case a new registration form must be submitted.

UCACCINT2A is a Pass/Fail module and is not taken for a letter grade.

The activities in which the research assistants (RAs) are involved are to provide a meaningful learning experience, one that introduces them to and gives them grounding in the ethos and mechanics of publication and research.

Suggested activities appropriate for undergraduate research assistants

The following list is of course not meant to be exhaustive. Specific duties are arranged between the RA and the faculty researcher.

  • Collecting data (e.g. running an experiment, conducting a survey, doing interviews, etc.).
  • Participating in the production of an annotated bibliography.
  • Conducting basic archival research on local resources.
  • Assisting the faculty researcher in reading and reporting on (primary) sources in the native language of the research assistant.
  • Assisting the faculty researcher in conducting, translating and/or transcribing interviews with individuals in the native language of the research assistant.
  • Assisting the faculty researcher with preparing a publication (providing critical feedback, helping with the index, creating tables, etc.) or with giving peer-feedback to papers or chapters of a book.
  • Assisting the faculty researcher with their national/international collaborations (facilitating meetings online/offline, preparing online shared folders with literature and/or taking minutes of meetings, etc.)

Information for faculty members

Faculty researchers interested to work with a research assistantcan send a call to the Research Assistantship Coordinator (Tatiana Bruni). This can happen throughout the academic year. The call (± 200 words) should describe the context and content of the work, the (type of) tasks involved, possible requirements or skills the research assistant should have, and the tentative period of time the assistantship will span (in specific, if any work is expected outside of regular semesters). Please note that the call can also be for two or more research assistants, depending on the nature of the research project.

The coordinator will advertise the call. Students who are interested should send their short statement of interest to the Coordinator. The Coordinator will then forward the documents to the faculty researcher, who will determine which eligible student(s) may take on the position(s). Once there is a match, the faculty researcher and the student(s) will fill in a form provided to them by the Coordinator, who will further take care of the student registration.

Information for students

Students can respond to a call for a research assistantby sending a short written motivation (not longer than 300 words) to the Research Assistantship Coordinator (Tatiana Bruni), who will pass the statements to the faculty researcher who is looking for a research assistant.

Students applying for a research assistant position should be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Please note: this module cannot be used to fulfill general graduation requirements, or towards the fulfillment of Major or Minor requirements: it can only be taken as general elective.

Students will discuss with the faculty researchers what tasks they will carry out and agree on the timeline. Students will keep a log of the tasks assigned and the hours required for the completion of the tasks.

In order to receive a passing grade, students must complete at least 90% of their work by the agreed end of the research Assistantship.