Undergraduate Research Assistantship

Course Outline

This module is exclusively for students enrolled at UCU

UCACCINT2A – Research Assistantship 2,5 ECTS. Pass/Fail grade

This research assistantship enables students to receive academic credit for serving as assistants to faculty members who are conducting pre-existing research projects (e.g. preparing work for publication or a conference). This collaboration will result in a meaningful experience for the student that introduces them to and gives them grounding in the ethos and mechanics of research and publication.

Given the distinctive aspects of this learning experience, there is no official syllabus, however students and faculty (the faculty researchers) who participate in this project are required to submit a signed registration form, provided by the Research Assistantship Coordinator (Petra van den Boomgaard), prior to the start of assistantship. This module is taken for 2,5 ECTS, which amounts to a workload of 70 hours. These hours can be distributed within one semester, or across a longer period, depending on the needs of the faculty researcher.

UCACCINT2A is a Pass/Fail module and is not taken for a letter grade. Note that students can only take this honours module once.  

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