Minor Entrepreneurship

UCU students need to take the following rules in consideration if they want to do the Minor Entrepreneurship offered by USE. Rules may vary depending on the academic year. See your UCU student handbook for the most recent rules. The rules from the year that you started at UCU apply to your situation.

Basic rule UCU minors

  • The business minor offered by the Utrecht School of Economics counts as being outside any major. (Academic Rules and Regulations 3.12.1)
  • A UCU minor comprises at least the equivalent of 4 UCU courses. The entrepreneurship minor consists of four courses, all taken off-campus.
  • At least 1 course is at level 3
  • The courses in minor have related content.
  • Minors are demand driven; the student proposes the minor and explains focus and relations in content.
  • All courses in the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher. Pass/fail courses are not allowed.
  • The business minor will appear on your transcript as a minor in Entrepreneurship, not under the departmental name.

Entrepreneurship at UCU

UCU offers a track in Economics but not a full track in Business/Entrepreneurship. Given the fact that part of the UCU students does have an interest in entrepreneurship, UCU offers the option to take a minor at the Utrecht School of Economics.

Practicalities regarding requirements

  • Students of all majors can participate in the minor.
  • An internship can never fulfill the role of the capstone requirement for students who have started at UCU in fall 2010 or later.
  • The Entrepreneurship minor can be listed as such on the transcript for all majors.
  • Entrepreneurship cannot serve as a track in a UCU SSC major.
  • SSC majors who want the Entrepreneurship minor listed on their transcripts cannot count any of its components towards the 10 mandatory course of their SSC major.

For further questions please contact economics track coordinator Charmaine Ramos.