An honours thesis has a study load equivalent of 7.5 EC. The academic work finds its expression in a written document and may include literature research as well as the student’s own research. Research outside of University College Utrecht can be a substantial part of the thesis. The honours thesis can only be written in the department of the student’s major or minor.

A student must have a GPA of 3.7 or higher in order to be eligible to write an honours thesis. An honours thesis can only be written at the invitation of the Head of Department.

A student can write only one honours thesis during his/her studies at University College Utrecht.  It may be completed before or after the bachelor thesis. Prerequisite for an honours thesis is a level-3 course in a related field. An honours thesis cannot replace other degree requirements, such as level 3 courses or the bachelor thesis. The honours thesis must be completed in addition to the minimum 180 EC required for graduation and in addition to the standard 30 EC per semester.

Questions can be addressed to the Honours Director (