Emergencies and After-Hours Medical Help

Campus Security

In any kind of emergency, students can call Utrecht University security on 030 253 4444, (or call 4444 from a campus desk-phone). As well as providing essential security services, the security team can make first responses to medical and other emergencies, and activate the public emergency services wherever necessary. They can also notify relevant members of UCU staff whenever necessary.

Emergency Services

Call 112 for an ambulance, the police or fire brigade. This is the general European emergency number. (Call 0900-8844 for police matters that are NOT an emergency).

Suicidal Thoughts

113 Suicide Prevention is the national suicide prevention center, which employs psychologists and psychiatrists and a large group of fully trained volunteers who provide round-the-clock confidential support through chats and phone calls (anonymously if preferred) . Don’t hesitate to call this number (0800 - 0113) if you or somebody you know is contemplating ending their life, or is feeling desperate. Help is available in English and Dutch.

Always contact 112 in acute situations.

Outside GP office hours or at weekends, students can contact the emergency post at 0881 309 670. More information here.