Physics is about understanding and formulating the principles and laws that govern the motions and interactions of the material world we live in. The resulting knowledge has provided not only many surprising discoveries about how our universe functions, like in quantum mechanics, but also made possible many developments in technology and quality of life our society depends on and enjoys today. Two examples of these applications are the Global Positioning System (GPS) which relies on the relativity of time in Einstein’s theories, and imaging diagnosis devices in medicine, which use the properties of wave phenomena.

In the Physics track at University College Utrecht you learn about the impact that physics knowledge has in our life and society in the spirit of an Liberal Arts & Sciences learning. In addition, the Physics track also offers you the option to learn the principles of physics at a deeper and more fundamental level. You learn about the theoretical knowledge, mathematical methods, some experimental and computational skills, as well as academic practices and standards required in physics. The specific goals of this track are presented in the appendix below.

Most importantly, at University College Utrecht you have the possibility of taking a Double Degree in Liberal Arts & Physics (DDLP), offered in conjunction with the Physics Department at Utrecht University. This will only entail one or two additional semesters of study. The Double Degree programme qualifies you to enter a Master’s programme in Physics in any leading national or international physics department.

Track Fellow: Anton van de Ven (

Track coordinator, DDLP-program coordinator: Dr. Filipe Freire.