This schedule contains academic activities such as excursions, academic events and lectures that cannot be organised during regular timeslots, and therefore take place on Tuesday afternoons.

Spring 2020

Date Time Course/event Instructor/organizer Location Comments
3 March 17.00-18.00 UCACCMET12 TBA Exam 
10 March TBA UCHUMREL12 Portuguese Synagogue, Amsterdam Excursion 
14 April 15.00-17.00 MET12 groups 1 and 3 TBA make-up class 
14 April 16:00 - 17:00 CHIP Lecture Spring 2020: Hans den Hartog Jager Auditorium  
21 April 13.30-15.00 UCSSCANT23 National Museum of World Cultures/ Volkenkunde, Leiden Excursion 
28 April 17.30-19.30 UCACCMET12 TBA Exam 

Last updated: 27 januari 2020

Lecturers may add their activities through Lilian Goossens (, specifying date, time, course and location (see below). For classroom reservations, please contact the reception desk: For other room reservations (Auditorium, Dining Hall lounge), please contact Janneke de Graaf:

Exams should be scheduled in your own timeslot. Tuesday afternoon can in principle not be used for exams, as this can cause serious clashes for students.

Disclaimer: This overview is not comprehensive. Many things happen on campus, especially on Tuesdays, that go unnoticed by the Curriculum Manager.