UCU Students Supporting Students

A good community looks after its members, and everybody at UCU plays a part in this. Importantly, students have a central role.

UCU Wellbeing Team

The student-led Wellbeing Team works closely with the Connect Centre and other UCU colleagues, to organize an annual  program of wellbeing activity, information and events that can help you take your own responsibility for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Wellbeing Team webpage
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UCU Peer Support Team

UCU’s Peer Support Team is an important, low-threshold resource that can help normalize struggle in young adult life,  The team offers one-to-one supportive listening to those who need it, as well as open group discussions and occasional events. Referral to more specialised forms of support is offered where appropriate.

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Peer Support Team on Facebook
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UCSA Committees and Teams

The Student Association does a fantastic job helping you incorporate intense studies into a healthy lifestyle.  There are numerous committees, groups and teams coordinated by the UCSA whose activities can  support your physical exercise, your sense of calm, your creativity, your social connection, your capacity to help others, and much more.

Find out more about the UCSA and all its committees, teams and activities here…

UCSA Webpage
Student Organizations