Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is a permanent advisory body at University College Utrecht. It advises on and collaborates with various college bodies (such as the Board of Studies, Admissions and Recruitment office, Management Team) on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

In carrying out this advising role, the Diversity Committee is consulting with a range of student bodies including the Student Council, UCSA, CAR, specific social committees, as well as informal student and alumni networks such as the BLM Alumni Response Group. The Diversity Committee represents University College Utrecht in the Utrecht University EDI Steering Committee

Contact: ucu.diversitycom@uu.nl.

    Diversity Committee Staff Members 2022-2023

    For me, diversity is first of all a value. As the new Diversity Committee chair, I will look into ways in which faculty, students and staff can learn together and educate each other to value diversity. To do so we need to promote a culture in which we feel the urgency to “listen to different voices”.

    As a faculty member of the diversity committee, I contribute to the discussions and efforts to render the university a place for practising social engagement. In my own student years in Athens, the highly politicised environment of the university had a great impact on me and since then I have joined collective actions and have co-initiated self-organised platforms in the intersections of the performing arts and politics, especially on issues around (non)work and labour.

    Student Members 2022-2023

    Lyn Abdul Hameed (she/her) - Vice Chair

    UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Lyn

    I'm a second year Humanities student from the Maldives, majoring in History/Literature with a minor in Political Science. Since my first semester at UCU, I've been involved in several efforts towards diversity and inclusivity- these include being on the board of the Feminist Committee and leading the informal UCU PoC group. More recently, I became a member of the newly formed Anti Racist Action group which aims to strengthen efforts to decolonize UCU.

    Martha Sanchez Martinez

    The position of Student Member is not defined through its distinctions from other positions, but rather in relation to the connection I have to my peers. As a student, I am more aware of what my demographic experiences, and as such, work as a bridge between students and staff to ease communication as we follow a path of social change.

    Sara Barbera Romero (Intern)

    I am a third year Anthroplogy and Psychology student here at UCU. To me, diversity is an effort, practice and a goal more so than a tangible appearance, ratio or number that can be put on paper. Especially at UCU, it is an ongoing process in which we can approach what we see as an inclusive/equal/representative space.