The Diversity Committee is a permanent advisory body at University College Utrecht. It advises on and collaborates with various college bodies (such as the Board of Studies, Admissions and Recruitment office, Management Team) on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

In carrying out this advising role, the Diversity Committee is consulting with a range of student bodies including the Student Council, UCSA, CAR, specific social committees, as well as informal student and alumni networks such as the BLM Alumni Response Group. The Diversity Committee represents University College Utrecht in the Utrecht University EDI Steering Committee



Student Members 2021-2022

Lyn Abdul Hameed (she/her)
UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Lyn

I'm a second year Humanities student from the Maldives, majoring in History/Literature with a minor in Political Science. Since my first semester at UCU, I've been involved in several efforts towards diversity and inclusivity- these include being on the board of the Feminist Committee and leading the informal UCU PoC group. More recently, I became a member of the newly formed Anti Racist Action group which aims to strengthen efforts to decolonize UCU.

Rishabh Suresh
UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Rishabh

I am a 3rd year student at UCU. I was initially the intern to the Diversity Committee in the spring semester of the academic year 2020-21, and will continue as a student member for the year 2021-22. As an interdepartmental major with a science and a humanity, I am especially interested in what it means to decolonise the sciences. I am myself still learning the vocabulary of decoloniality and am in the process of researching how this vocabulary can be applied to disciplines such as mathematics and physics where it is often not as clear what “diversity” and “colonialism” have to do with such abstract concepts such as numbers, or space and time. To that end, I have, on behalf of the Diversity Committee, been working to compile a repository of resources that attempt to address these questions which we hope to make available very soon to anyone and everyone who is interested in finding answers to these questions. I look forward to continuing with these efforts and more with the Committee in the year ahead.   

Dušan Janković (he/him)
UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Dusan

I was born, raised, and have lived most of my life in the city of Niš in southern Serbia. I am currently a student at UCU majoring in humanities and social science, with tracks in Literature and Political Science. I will be an intern at the UCU Diversity Committee during the Fall 2021 semester. I am passionate about making the UCU campus a socially just place, which I do by organizing various events as part of an Anti-Racist initative on campus. Starting Fall 2021, I will also be working as a receptionist at the College Hall.

Ella Shields (they/them)

Ella is joining the Diversity Committee as a research intern to conduct fieldwork for their master’s thesis. They were part of a group of alumni who wrote a letter demanding that UCU becomes anti-racist, mainly through critically reflecting on its admissions and hiring process and decolonizing the curriculum. That work has led them to this research project. They will explore students' sense of security and belonging on campus through the lens of racism, with special attention given to student mental health. Further, they are interested in creating an archive of past UCU diversity efforts, hopefully helping future projects to avoid common pitfalls. Their research findings will be presented to campus in the Spring. 


Morgan Diakite (she/her)
UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Morgan Diakite

Apart from monthly meetings with the rest of the board centered on a variety of subjects from decolonizing the curriculum to discussing sexual misconduct and racism on campus, I have been more personally involved in other projects as well. This includes building a bridge from us to our community by starting our Facebook page and keeping students up to date as well as increasing our visibility to those students Vicky and I are representing. This means advertising other groups or resources which may be helpful to marginalized groups on campus, which ranged from promoting the new African and Caribbean Heritage Network to making an infographic about Microagressions to educate the larger UCU community. I have also been a part of discussing sexual misconduct on campus alongside other student representatives such as the UCSC and UCSA, and most recently giving recommendations as a Diversity Committee representative at the Sexual Misconduct Townhall. The biggest project I was a part of was organizing this year was the first student-led Diversity Symposium at UCU, where we gave a platform to 10 different groups and committees on campus representing a variety of minoritized and/or stigmatized groups of people, and with its success, it is my hope that this will become an annual event in the years to come! 

Vicky Pinheiro-Keulers (she/her)
UCU Diversity Committee Student Member Vicky Pinheiro-Keulers

I’m an Anthropology and Sociology major at UCU (Class of 2021). Being on the Diversity Committee as a student member, I participated in board meetings and meetings with other institutional bodies at UCU. This semester (Spring 2021) I was particularly involved with establishing relations with other institutional bodies; establishing relations with the student body (i.e. through setting up a Facebook page and through doing the groundwork in talking to students); guiding students through their complaints procedures; advising the Board of Studies on decolonising the curriculum; advising the Management Team; discussing application procedures with the Admissions Office; and more. Key recurring themes this semester were racism and sexual misconduct on campus. Morgan and I also organised the first-ever student-led Diversity Symposium, where marginalised students were given the platform to talk about topics ranging from neurodiversity to women in science. I myself presented the research I did on ‘Decolonizing UCU’ (2020), in which we talked to teachers about what decolonizing UCU means to them and in which we made an overview of all current diversity and decolonizing initiatives at the college. Alongside being on the Diversity Committee, I was also doing an internship at ECHO Expertise Centre for Diversity Policy and I was co-organiser of the student-led honours course Deconstructing Race and Racism, which gave me knowledge and experience I could apply in the Diversity Committee.