Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is a permanent advisory body at University College Utrecht. It advises on and collaborates with various college bodies (such as the Board of Studies, Admissions and Recruitment office, Management Team) on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

In carrying out this advising role, the Diversity Committee is consulting with a range of student bodies including the Student Council, UCSA, CAR, specific social committees, as well as informal student and alumni networks. The Diversity Committee represents University College Utrecht in the Utrecht University EDI Steering Committee.

    We also organize:

    • “Doing diversity” events: These are public meetings, in which people present their experiences about a diversity-related topic. This meeting is meant for sharing and listening. Sometimes, we offer a workshop.
    • “Interventions” round tables: Public follow-up meetings, during which we gather input from the community and take notes.
    • Harvest sessions; in which we (Diversity Committee) look at the notes, see what we can do and who can help meet the needs mentioned in the public meetings.W

    We also (co-)organize lectures or other events, please check our facebook page for details.