Connect Centre for Counselling and Guidance

The Connect Centre is a point of contact for all students to discuss any personal matter. The topics can include health, pressure, new campus initiatives, planning/prioritizing, family circumstances, effective decision making, different learning needs, or simply putting things into perspective and looking towards the next semester. All meetings are confidential (unless disclosure is agreed with the student), and no topic is off-limits.

Students can sit in comfortable surroundings with a counsellor, first and foremost to be heard, understood and respected. Through talking and guidance, the majority of struggles and difficulties can be addressed within a few meetings.


To make an appointment:

Email Connect Centre mailbox

Email Mark Baldwin

Email Annemieke Meijer

If you prefer to meet specifically with one of us, this is no problem. Please indicate this in your initial request.

Or you may drop by spontaneously. The Connect Centre has two offices in College Hall. One is located upstairs on the first floor (room 112) and the other up one more staircase on the attic level (on the right). Meetings can easily be booked elsewhere on campus should this be preferred – please indicate in your meeting request.

Senior Counsellor