You may go on exchange for a full semester in your 4th or 5th semester at University College Utrecht. Former board members of UCSA and ASC are in some cases allowed to go on exchange in their 7th semester.

Further requirements

  • No shortage of credit
  • No more than 30 EC of exemptions in total when starting at University College Utrecht
  • No social or academic probation before/during exchange semester

Keep in mind that the partner you choose may have additional requirements. This can be a GPA requirement, language requirement if the language of instruction is other than English, or something else.

I do not meet the requirements, what now?

If you do not meet the requirements, please consider one of these options: 

Programmes on location

Curriculum enrichment options

Summer/Winter Schools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a science major. Can I choose use the Faculty of Science destinations?
A: No, you may only choose the University College Utrecht or the Utrecht University options. 

Q: What happens if I combine Utrecht University and University College Utrecht partner university?
A:  We will look at your first preference and use that as your preference for all options.