You receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences diploma upon graduation from University College Utrecht. For our graduates we organise a Commencement Ceremony twice a year. 

Receiving your diploma and transcript

These are the dates for your official grade list and diploma. If you need a list of your grades earlier, request a preliminary transcript and/or a graduation declaration by filling in the document request form.

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Find the date for picking up your diploma and final transcript, as well as your official graduation date here: 

Hand in last academic workOfficial graduation datePick up diploma as of
23 December 2022 (Fall thesis deadline)31 January 20237 February 2023
Spring & Summer  

26 May 2023

(Fall & Spring thesis and Spring-only thesis deadline)

30 June 2023

30 June 2023

1 July 2023 (Spring & Summer thesis deadline)

31 August 2023

31 August 2023


Commencement literally means ‘beginning’. It is the beginning of the period during which students will meet all of the graduation requirements and graduate. As not all students from the same year will graduate at the same time, we do not jointly celebrate the end of the graduation. Instead, we celebrate the beginning of it.

Some students may take an extra class or finalise their research thesis later. University College Utrecht students are from all over the world and many of them will leave the country at different times. 

A Commencement Ceremony consists of academic rituals and practices. Students wear caps and gowns; one of the students is beadle of the day and another is the speaker (valedictorian) on behalf of his/her class.

Frequently asked questions about the commencement ceremony
Find the date of the Commencement Ceremony in the Academic Calendar
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