For some, studying on an exchange is a once in a lifetime experience but comes at a price. However, finances should not deter you from pursuing an exchange program. Paying tuition fees to other institutions is often the primary financial burden that students who would like to study abroad incur, although at UCU this burden has been removed. When you attend an exchange, you are only required to pay the UCU tuition fees while abroad. During your exchange semester, you will not need to pay the UCU campus fees as you will not be living on campus. You can instead put those funds towards housing at the partner university. 

To provide you with insight into the costs at a partner university, we ask that you look at our partner pages. How much money you will spend while off-campus will depend on where you go and how much you travel and go out. An additional factor is the local financial systems in the country in which you are studying. Click on a "partner" to see estimates of the cost of living. You can also find more information on each partner university website.

To make an overview of the costs of studying abroad, you may use the financial plan template on our website.

You can also look at the following grants to finance your plans