Interim Grants Fund

Unfortunately, sometimes a currently-enrolled UCU student encounters a serious and unexpected deterioration of their financial resources through no personal fault, and can therefore no longer meet the basic costs of study and residential life.

If this is the case for you, below are some steps you can/should take first, and some assistance you can seek next.

Assistance from the ‘Interim Grants Fund’

After taking all the steps above, if there is still significant shortfall between funds available and fees payable, you may apply to the Interim Grants Fund Committee (IGFC). Interim Grants are open to those who accepted their UCU place on the basis of being fully able to meet the costs, but find themselves unable to after that. Any Interim Grants offered are intended as short-term support for students while their financial situation re-stabilises.

  • Interim Grants are made for a maximum period of one academic year, usually starting in the semester after that in which the application is made. If the student’s situation remains very unstable after the 12-month grant period, there is the possibility to apply for an extension, by submitting another request, for review by the Interim Grant Fund Committee.
  • No Interim Grant exceeds €7,000, and will usually be awarded as a waiver of campus fees.
  • The Interim Grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid by the student. They are subject to terms and conditions.
  • Any student applying to the Interim Grant Fund is also free to discuss their situation and its impact upon study/residential life with UCU’s Connect Centre, or their tutor.
  • The Interim Grants Fund Committee comprises the UCU Finance Office, Education and Student Affairs Office and Connect Centre, and reports to the Managing Director.

For reasons outside our control there is a temporary freeze on issuing UCU Interim Grants. Any Interim Grants already made will be honoured, but no further grants will be made until further notice. Thank-you for your patience and understanding.


Please contact either the UCU Finance Office ( or the UCU Connect Centre (