Science Major

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Science appear in section 3 of the Academic Rules and Regulations for your cohort. 


Science majors must take 12 courses in the Science department to fulfill the major requirements. This includes any methodology courses coded 'UCSCI...'. Students may currently complete requirements with tracks in the following academic disciplines:

Methodology Requirements

Students must take all methodology courses required for their courses, thesis, and major. The courses coded "UCSCI..." count towards the 90 credits (12 courses of 7,5 EC) required for the BSc degree.

  • Major: 7.5 ECTS credits of science laboratory modules + 1 Mathematics course: UCACCMAT01, UCSCIMAT11 or UCSCIMAT14. Only  UCACCMAT01 does not count towards the 12 courses for the major.
  • Courses: If applicable, methods requirements are stated in individual course outlines under the heading ‘prerequisites’.
  • Thesis: 7.5 ECTS credits of science laboratory courses, and a level 3 science course in the field of study. UCACCSTA21 Biostatistics is required for a thesis in COG and MED. For a thesis in BIO and EAR, discuss the UCACCSTA21 relevance to your specific topic with the thesis coordinator. It does not count towards the 12 courses for the major.
Kees van Walree


Gabriël Beckers

Cognitive Neuroscience

Hugo de Boer

Earth and Environment

Maarten van Emst (Physiology) & Patrick Wijchers (Molecular Cell Biology)


Viktor Blasjo


Joyce Browne

Medical Science

Anton van de Ven (Fellow), Filipe Freire (Coordinator)