University College Utrecht's ‘Futures Centre’ is there to help you prepare for your next steps after graduating. You may use this help from your first semester onwards! The Centre acts as a hub for a wide range of information, advice and guidance on internships, further study, employability, CVs, alumni connections and the labour market. It is located in Room Mm on the ground floor of the Locke building. You can make an appointment with the Futures Centre by sending an email to

The UCU Futures Centre is part of a broader, university-wide initiative to support all its students. Check the UU Career Services to find out more about the careers services throughout Utrecht University. 

What’s available at the UCU Futures Centre?

At the Futures Centre you can speak with UCU staff who have special interest and experience in helping students plan their next steps. You can drop by during opening hours or make an appointment by emailing

Workshops are available at several moments throughout the year, across the university, to help you with self-awareness, understanding the labour market, networking and successful applications. See here for further details.

Additional workshops offered by the UCU Futures Centre will be advertised in due course.

Writing and maintaining your CV is an essential part of your transition from UCU into your future. There are several ways to approach this, but also some important top tips and common pitfalls! You can find good, basic information about this online, and here is a good starting point. One of the staff at UCU’s Futures Centre will gladly discuss your CV with you.

Interviews are your opportunity to get one step further in an application process, whether it is for further study or employment. Good preparation is key to any interview, and it might also help you to practice some of your techniques with a member of staff at UCU’s Futures Centre, in a ‘mock interview’. 

Work experience of all kinds is highly valuable in demonstrating your readiness and suitability for employment. This can include part-time work in a supermarket, voluntary work in the community at home or abroad, a formal internship with a business, or any other exposure to responsible, working life. It is crucial that you can reflect upon and articulate these experiences, which UCU Futures Centre staff can help you with. You can also find out about work experience and internship opportunities here

UCU partners with some key alumni to deliver the annual Alumni Internship Program (AIP), in which a range of professional organisations based in the Netherlands offer summer internships that are personally overseen by one of our own alumni employed there. These include English-spoken and Dutch-spoken internships, and are open to all of our students. With the AIP, interns will gain excellent work experience, direct access to alumni know-how, and also receive ‘customary compensation’ (a small payment). This is an annual program.

The majority of UCU students go on to do further study, most often in the Netherlands or the UK, whether it be straight after graduation or after a period of working and/or travelling. There is a lot of support available in considering which programs of study are most suitable for you and your ambitions, and how to successfully apply. A good starting point is here, and UCU Futures Centre staff are also available to help you with this.

UCU has an ever-expanding network of alumni, dating back to its first ever graduating cohort in 2000. This network now comprises over 2500 individuals across the world, in all kinds of professional positions and programs of study, who may be able to support your next steps with tips, personal perspectives, work opportunities, or general networking. Together with the University College Alumni Association, UCU coordinates a range of events to bring alumni into contact with current students. Watch out for further announcements!

The UCU community supports a wide range of initiatives designed to help students make the most of their studies and college experience, to connect with the world beyond the campus, and to prepare for academic and professional life after graduation. Some of these are listed here…

UCU Cultural Heritage Program
UCU Study Abroad Exchange program
UCU East Africa program
UCU Aruba Field research program
UCU Philosophy Discussion Group
Connecting UCU with future careers in neuroscience and cognition
Linking schools and research institutes to enhance computational skills

You can find a complete overview here.