Party Guidelines

Private Parties

  • Units, members bear joint responsibility for parties and guests in their own units;
  • Other students living in the same unit or nearby units must be informed in advance;
  • Repeated partying, bad timing, loss of control, excessive disturbance etc., may be reasons to involve the Housemaster and Senior Counsellor. Any mess from the party outside the unit must be cleaned up by 1 pm the next day, including hallways and stairways, or those responsible for the party may face consequences.
  • Students are expected to clean up after their parties immediately the next day out of consideration for their unit mates.

Parties for more than 30 people are not permitted in units - they must be organised via the Bar Committee, must be for fewer than 250 people, and are to be held only in the Bar, (Bar rules and license regulations apply); UCSA responsibility and prior permission must be secured from UCSA BarCo by those requesting the party; UCSA is responsible for following procedures, safety- and cleaning rules, and communication.

  • parties held off-campus are the sole responsibility of the individual organizers.

UCSA Parties

Fewer than 250 people:

  • Must be in the Bar (Bar rules and license regulations apply); UCSA is responsible for following procedures: safety- and cleaning rules, and communication.

More than 250 people:

  • These must take place off-campus
  • Exceptions are in the Beach Party Area.
  • University College Utrecht bears no responsibility for the conduct of off-campus parties.
  • For graduation parties, lustrum events, social occasions accompanying an official UCSA event, etc, the UCSA contacts the Housemaster and the Facility Manager about numbers attending, including external guests, safety and cleaning, contingency plans, etc, all confirmed in a written document. After making these appointments the party can be communicated to those who are involved. In any event, alcoholic beverages are served in compliance with the bar license.
  • The Dean can deny permission for any party on Campus of either type at any time if serious concerns are raised (e.g. by the Senior Counsellor, Facility Manager, the Housemaster, or individual groups of students).