The Honours Certificate is a Utrecht University document, which you can receive next to your University College Utrecht Bachelor’s diploma. The requirements differ per programme, faculty or university.

The requirements at University College Utrecht are:

  • A minimum final GPA of 3.6 (no rounding up)
  • No history of social or academic probation
  • At least 2 Curriculum Enrichment options each worth 7.5 EC, for example participation in the student-led honours course (INTHON32), or other courses at University College Utrecht, Utrecht University or elsewhere
  • At least 20 extra ECTS or more on top of the 180 necessary to graduate
  • Some international experience (does not need to be a full semester abroad)

When to apply

Only applications of students who have already graduated will be accepted. Do not apply before all your grades are in. If you are still finishing a thesis or an internship, please wait until that has been completed and graded.

Applications will be accepted after the winter or summer term after your graduation. The deadlines for these rounds are 1 March (for Fall and Winter graduates) and 1 October (for Spring/Summer graduates). Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

How to apply

Collate the following documents in a single PDF document:

  • A transcript listing all of your courses and grades. 
  • Write an Academic Reflection on how you have lived out the Liberal Arts and Sciences vision (limit: 750 words). Tell about the relation between your tracks, your minor, and your curriculum enrichment options. For example, explain how progressing in one of your tracks has helped you become a better student in another track. Or explain how a curriculum enrichment course has opened your eyes to areas of studies or methodologies you were not acquainted with before.
  • Fill in the Table of Achievements (download). (See an example for filling in the table.)
  • ECTS breadth: ECTS completed outside of your department and Language and Culture requirement; either part of a minor or not; if you are an interdepartmental major, mention it;
  • Active international experience: for example, exchange – mention GPA needed for your exchange destination; UCU East Africa, Aruba programme or international internships;
  • Anything else worth mentioning, such as successful engagement (awards, prizes, public performances) in sport, art, music or other kind of activity requiring dedication, discipline, perseverance and practice.

Send the PDF document to the Honours Director: