Doctors and the Healthcare System

All significant health matters should be presented to your GP (‘general practitioner’ / ‘huisarts’ in Dutch) at the first opportunity. These doctors are a student’s pivotal point of contact for all questions of health (both physical and mental) that may need formal treatment. GPs are the portal into all other branches of the healthcare system in the Netherlands, including specialists in physical and mental health treatment.

If you are not already registered with a doctor locally in Utrecht, please do so at your earliest opportunity. Do not wait until you become unwell before you take action with this! 

Many medical practices are within a 5-10 bike ride from the University College Utrecht campus, and others are spread throughout the city. Some of the closest include:

Outside GP office hours or at weekends, students can contact the Emergency Post at 0881309670. More information here.

All doctors may refer patients to specialists if necessary, to treat physical, psychological or other issues. Many practices also have their own in-house specialists, including mental health professionals.

Useful Dutch terms

Doctor/General Practitioner








Emergency Room

Eerste Hulp

GP Urgent Care Center