Overview possibilities to challenge yourself

Humanities Honours Programme

You can search for more challenges in different ways. The best starting-point is to know what you want to achieve with your studies. Discuss your plan in time with your Study Advisor in order to avoid unnecessary delays in your study time.

Why more challenge?

There are several reasons why you would want more challenge, such as:

  • preparation for a master's programme (some masters require an average of 7 in your bachelor's degree)
  • preparation for a particular job
  • broadening your education, getting to know other disciplines
  • deepening in one discipline
  • preparation for study or work abroad
  • being able to examine sources in foreign languages
  • study in an ambitious environment, together with (other) excellent and motivated students, and write a larger thesis

Need help?

Ask your tutor and Study Advisor (you can make an appointment via the Student Information Desk Humanities). Make sure to plan ahead, so that your plan is still feasible and so that you do not run out of study time unnecessarily.


Doing a degree costs time, money, effort and perseverance. That is why it is wise to make conscious and well-founded choices. When you need more challenge you can do the following:

It is best to orient yourself well on what you wish to do as well as the whole trajectory you have in mind. Think about how you want to handle it and stay realistic about what you can handle. Make an estimate of the costs when planning (for example, if this will take more than 3 years to complete your studies).

Do not forget that obtaining your diploma in the nominal duration of your studies is in itself a great result. An average grade of 7 is required for admission to certain master's programmes. This can also be your ambition.

Ask your Study Advisor

Would you like some help in figuring out which future suits you best? You can always contact your tutor and study advisor. You can make an appointment at the Student Information Desk Humanities


  • Come well prepared. 
  • Make sure you are well on time so that your plan is still feasible (due to registration periods and registration deadlines).

You can also check the workshops offered by Career Services.


Choices you make may have as a consequence that your studies take more than 3 years. It is best to include a budget for the (extra) costs and a financing plan in your planning. Studying costs around 1000 euros per month (excluding housing).