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Faculty of Humanities

Hoogleraren in toga lopen door de gang van het voormalig klooster van de Domkerk.

The Faculty of Humanities is the largest faculty at Utrecht University with 21 bachelor and 31 master programmes (plus 7 educational master's). All these programmes have specialisations where 675 FTE staff (from research to support tasks) work for 5858 students in 18 (monumental) buildings, often with a long history. All these elements are divided over 4 researchdomains:

Because there are so many components within the faculty, it can become quite complicated. Each programme belongs to one of these departments, each with its own administration. There are programme coordinators (see contact for the coordinator of your programme) and professors who work with the departmental board. These in turn work with the Faculty Board, who work with the University Board.

Have your say

If you, as a student, want to have a say in the matters discussed by one of these boards, you can join the University or Faculty Council, or join your programme's Curriculum Committee.
Do you have a question, but you are not sure who to turn to? Then look here.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At the Faculty of Humanities, we want everyone to feel at home. Everyone has equal rights and everyone should have equal opportunities. We believe that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) of staff and students enriches academic debate and provides insights that lead to greater understanding in society.

If you have problems with inapproriate behaviour, please contact one of the UU confidential counsellor.
If you have complaints about the way the UU has behaved towards you, you can contact drs. Andrea van der Weiden, the complaints coordinator of Humanities.
If you have further questions regarding this matter, check our students' website Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).