Postponing your graduation

You can apply for a postponement of graduation by using this form: Submit this form within 14 days after you have received an email from our Graduation Office stating you have graduated.

When can you ask for a postponement?

Postponement of your graduation is allowed when you:

  • are joining a board or committee of a student organisation in a position for which Utrecht University has provided a board activities grant;
  • are going to study abroad in addition to your degree requirements;
  • are doing an internship;
  • have to take additional courses required for admission to a Master’s programme of your choice (only for Bachelor's students).

Compensation for Board activities

Utrecht University has various compensation grants for students who are active members of a university board. Are you eligible for this and do you want to apply for a postponement of your graduation? Please keep in mind that you can only graduate after your board year ended, so in September of the following year. Make an appointment with one of the student deans through Student Services to be advised.